Helsinki – Venice

Oh boy, I staid packing till very late. I ended up sleeping just three hours before rushing to train station by foot and with big load of luck we got on train! Half minute and we would have missed it. Train trips are generally quite relaxing and you feel like time flies. Finnish scenery is fields and pines, pines and more pines!

Arriving to Helsinki and sensing familiar atmosphere made me feel bit puzzled. It’s been few years since last visit. I grabbed quick breakfast from Robert’s Coffee and wasn’t pleased how expensive this was. Helsinki is well known for being very pricy. For some reason there was no difference in price for big or small cup of coffee.


IMG_20150620_113259After that I ran to shop for water and few more snacks. While being in shop I got reminded how restless and lost this town is. I saw some drunk guy stealing Tic Tacs and buying just the paperbag, miserable cashier that looked like he is so fed up with his job and life. I wish we had the opportunity to grab some sushi from Ichiban that is located quite near the central railway station, but unfurtunately most places were closed due to Juhannus (a Midsummer holiday). Maybe next time!

IMG_20150620_122335We arrived a good time before the flight and my nervousness grew bigger. It’s been long since I flew anywhere. I tried hard to focus on the thought of people flying all the time and getting safe from place to place. I even googled if Norwegian had any incidents in past because sometimes I overthink and worry too much.

IMG_20150620_161133Well, everything did go fine in the end.


Hello! Ciao!


It’s been quite a while that I’ve been wanting to start a blog and I think now it would be a good time to do so. I’m going to be spending one month in Italy with my Italian partner. First heading to north and then south. Excitement has given me restless nights and I can’t wait to try to experience as much as possible on my trip. My Italian is very at beginners level, so we’ll see how much it will improve during the trip. Hopefully a lot!